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Lizzie Spikes

Lizzie Spikes

I studied fine art and sceneography at degree level and my work today is largely driven by my interest in communicating my visual interpretations of ideas, facts, words, places and feelings to others.

I had a ‘proper job’ until the birth of my eldest son in 2004 and since then I have made work around raising my two boys who are nearly grown. We live in a stone cottage with a red door in a hamlet in the hills, near the coast in rural Wales and much of my work is influenced by the landscape which we live in and walk over.

I like to paint and draw in all media (except oil paints which I’m yet to master) and on all surfaces. I particularly like to fashion canvasses from recycled wood and driftwood and to paint on collaged paper surfaces. I find the pre-existing shapes, form and textures of driftwood inspiring and far less daunting than a pristine white canvas. I like acrylic inks - their fluidity is good on the sometimes uneven driftwood and their colours are strong and vibrant.

I love what I do and feel immensely lucky to be able to spend my days painting, illustrating, product sourcing, designing, marketing, listening to audiobooks and spending time with a team of wonderful strong women.

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