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Bothy Bonus Points

About Bothy Points

Bothy Bonus Points are a retail customer loyalty scheme where points can be earned by buying any of our kits directly from our website. You can earn 10 Bothy Bonus Points for every £1.00 you spend. Points can only be earned if you have signed up to an account with Bothy Threads. You can also earn 500 Bothy Bonus Points when you sign up for a new account!

Bothy Bonus points do not apply to Gift Vouchers.

Spending your Bothy Points

If you have already earned some Bothy Bonus Points you can spend your points at the checkout. Points are redeemed at 100 points for every £1.00. You can redeem your points at any time when making a purchase and for any amount (within your balance available). Points are deducted from your available balance at the time the payment is processed.

Bothy Bonus Points cannot be used against postage costs, the purchase of gift vouchers or on items which have already been discounted in a sale.

Keeping track of your earned Bothy Points

Bothy Points are added to your account once your order has been completed and dispatched. Should you cancel an order for any reason and receive a refund, any points earned will be deducted from your points balance. Any points redeemed as part of the order will be credited back on your account.

Login to your account to view your Bothy Points.