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Suzy Taylor


Art has always been a driving force for me from growing up in Stanmore and through school where I studied art to my A levels. I then attended Warwick University, where I studied Comparative American Studies (the history, politics and literature of North and Latin America), which led to my appreciation of folk art. In 2007, I began experimenting with papercutting, beginning with a simple outline but before long I became adept at creating intricate designs. It became obvious to me very quickly that papercutting my folk art was the perfect marriage of style with medium. I love the freedom of folk art and in keeping with that tradition, my work usually reflects themes of nature and rural life, so you’ll see lots of birds, animals, flowers and cross-sections through houses. All my designs are hand-drawn with meticulous attention to detail. They are then entirely hand cut with a craft knife from a single piece of paper – no lasers involved!

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